Former chief procurator of Shanghai stands trial for taktyvek wristbands philippinesing bribes

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NANNING - Chen Xu, former Party chief and procurator-general of Shanghai Municipal People"s Procuratorate, stood trial for taking bribes at the Intermediate People"s Court of Nanning City in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region Thursday.

He was charged with accepting money and property worth more than 74.23 million yuan ($11.18 million) personally or through family members from 2000 to 2015, according to prosecutors.

Chen used his positions to help organizations and individuals in case handling, project contracting and the recruiting of civil servants.

The prosecutors, defendant and his lawyers cross-examined evidence and gave full testimonies, according to a court statement.

Chen confessed and expressed remorse in court.

More than 50 people including Chen"s close family members, legislators, political advisors and journalists attended the trial.

The court will announce the verdict at a later date.

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